Hi! I'm Sam, I'm 18, and from the US. Multifandom blog. Enjoy!
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that 70's show
70's Show
topher grace
mila kunis
ashton kutcher

Now that I’m rewatching 70’s Show I don’t remember Lori being around this often.

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Person: Hey Ryan, it looks like the fans love the show in New York-
Ryan Murphy: Yeah we're not gonna do that anymore.
Person: ... okaaay... but they love it.
RM: I'm bored with this. Anything else?
Person: ... okay. Well, the fans really love the smaller cast-
RM: Double it.
Person: Wait... no-
RM: Triple it. In the final season. Everyone who's stepped foot on our set should come back to the show for the final season.
Person: I don't think you understa-
RM: la la la la la next comment.
Person: Fine. Klaine is the most popu-
RM: Give them as many problems as possible. Every conversation should be a fight or related to a fight.
Person: Won't that upset people?
RM: Just have them say sex at the end of it. Or kiss or something. They'll forget aaaaaaaaaaall about it.
Person: I don't really th-
RM: Are we finished? Yes. I'm done here.
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why the hell did we all learn the exact words

"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

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TMR cast at dinner!
-Working on gif requests, I will post another tonight, inbox me for a request :)
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Dear tmr fandom


When we meet we better all know the wobble.