Hi! I'm Samantha, I'm 18, and from CA. Mulifandom. Enjoy!
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“i feel u” i say as i begin feeling you. you are soft, like a bunny

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"black friday" more like the day where merchandise is sold for what it’s actually worth

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Hello friend, are you having a bad night?



Here is a live kitten feed

Here is a live puppy feed

Here is a live penguin feed

Here is a live English Bulldog puppy feed

Here is a live parakeet feed

Here is a live sea otter feed

Here is a live panda feed

Here is a live calf feed

Here is a live chick feed

Here is a live sloth feed

*turns on adorable animal feeds and gives you soft pillows and blankets*

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the only thing you need to know about public school is that people go hard as shit during classroom jeopardy review games. there are no friends here

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Me: is very chill
You: is not very chill and should probably take some lessons from me. $45 dollars for the first hour plus $10 an hour for any additional time.

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England: colour
America: color
England: humour
America: humor
England: flavour
America: flavor
England: what are you doing
America: getting rid of u lmao

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Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

ok this annoys the crap out of me, firstly the font in question costs a fortune, secondly no link to something that can change a persons life as it did mine, so here lemme fix both of those:http://opendyslexic.org/Open Source Dyslexia is a FREE font that is designed in a similar fashion as in weighting the letters, it is also being constantly updated, yer welcome

Hi for all of my disability friends, please bookmark opendyslexic this is a really great project! Tell your friends c:
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Feeling like an unintentional druggie because you love the smell of petrol

2 years later: “Gasoline” (Explicit) by Troye Sivan

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